Balancing The Rustic And Elegant

Reconnect with a simpler way of life in an earthy space that’s easy on the eye and stirring to the soul.



The RAW theme is one of three in Jotun’s 2019 Colour Collection. Warm earth colours, neutral, grey shades and burnt reddish tones together form the backdrop for a refined style — and a rustic and relaxing atmosphere.

The walls of this theme have a soft, rich matt and exclusive look with Majestic True Beauty Matt. Earthbound neutrals meet and enhance more vibrant nuances, creating strong lines, fresh looks, and spaces that nourish creative possibility.


Wall: 20118 Amber Red and12075 Soothing Beige.



An urban lifestyle creates the need to strengthen the connection to what’s earthly and real. Warm earth and neutral grey shades do just this, especially in combination with rustic surfaces in dark wood. The resulting modern and sensual interior is comfortable for both soul and mind.


The walls here are painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt in 20120 Organic Red.


The wall is painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt in 12078 Comfort Gray, and the bed with 2024 Senses.



The RAW home is crafted with artisanal honesty, celebrating the beauty of natural materials – the unprocessed and the imperfect.

In the picture above is wood painted with Gardex Semi-Gloss, the best paint for your wood and metal projects, in 7628 Treasure. It’s extremely low odour, providing a pleasant painting experience and smooth finishes.




The Northern Life is a dark and goldish green tone. Beige, grey, green and pink tones can be used to create contrast.




Earth tones, pastel peaches and greens remind us of a simpler environment. With this palette, you can create much more realistic and naive spaces.


12085 Rural



Here are the highlights of the palette. Don’t forget to check out our digital colour card ( to see all the colours!


Photo: Line Small Studio , Styling: Kråkvik & D’Orazio


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