Bringing Rhythm To Your Life

Everyone lives their lives according to their own views and pace. Some people who dwell in cities prefer a faster pace that they adopt based on their bustling environment, while those accustomed to suburbian life take a slower, simpler route. Others are inclined to a more tranquil solace amidst the beauty of nature. Whatever speed or rhythm you choose, we celebrate you!

That is why we at Jotun have created an all-new colour card, Rhythm of Life – an easy-to-use, at-a-glance tool to help you create your perfect interior palette!

As you can see in this colour chart, each row represents a range of shades within single colour families, mainly blue, red and green. Each colour row progresses into more subtle tones that harmonise wondrously alongside the others, giving you the option to mix and match as you please within a variety of complementary colours. Here’s how we recommend it.





Using different shades from the same colour family can provide an air of tranquility and order, creating a seamless colour progression that simply fits. For instance, combining Industrial Blue 5455 and Dusky Blue 5200 can provide creative and coherent distinction between two rooms and also mimics the depth of a body of water from dark to light. More shades from the same row can of course be included to add to that depth. Varying opacities are also great either in the same room or in two adjoining rooms.


If you’re someone who likes contrast, the colour card can quickly and easily help you create a scene-setting contrast for each of your rooms. Take a colour like Norwegian Wood 10981 for example – a warm reddish-brown that will work great when paired with lighter tones like Timeless 1024 and Bare 1391 . This is just one way of setting up your contrast-rich abode and what’s more, you have the freedom to harmoniously combine other shades within this range without the fear of clashing colours.

Rhythm of Life is designed to ease your decision-making in terms of interior colours and at the same time provide variety and quality as the colours within the chart have undergone meticulous research and rigorous testing, promising the true form of each colour is maintained from chart to wall.

On top of that, we’re also giving you the perfect white shades to complement each colour row so you can even out your interiors and have an all-round elegant space.


  • Row 1– Pink shades / Edelweiss 1622
  • Row 2– Blue tones / Morning Fog 9918
  • Row 3– Blue-green colours / Chi 7236
  • Row 4– Golden tones / Timeless 1024
  • Row 5– Brown-beige shades / Egg white 1001
  • Row 6– Yellowish-red shades / Vanilla 1453
  • Row 7– Green shades / Skylight 1624
  • Row 8– Warm gray shades / Skylight 1624

So why not add some rhythm to your life and get this colour card today at your nearest authorised Jotun dealer!

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