Congratulations on your new home! Beginning with a blank canvas is exciting for the possibilities it offers. With well-chosen colours and thoughtful décor, a bare and impersonal unit will soon transform into a beautiful and relaxing abode.

This is what Jotun’s colour experts did for the home you see in our new Majestic True Beauty video.



The wall of this unit is painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt in the colour 5489 Free Spirit.



A perfect balance between blue and green, this shade has a fun and energising vibe. That said, its soft and organic tone also carries the reassurance of stability and peace. A great choice for modern-day adventurers who cherish the comforts of home!


To achieve this desired effect, Majestic True Beauty Matt’s True Colour Experience delivers rich and consistent colours hues. This gives 5489 Free Spirit a luxurious, soft matt finish which hides imperfections such as cracks, chips and an uneven wall surface. It’s easy to keep clean too, with wall stains coming off just by wiping – so the space always looks freshly painted.



Some homeowners shy away from darker wall colours, concerned that it’ll make the space look smaller. This is easily balanced with light-coloured furniture and interior ornaments providing a harmonious contrast.




A mix of textures will also help to create a relaxing, resort-like ambiance. Besides fabrics made from natural fibres, decorate with a few wooden and rattan pieces in various colour tones.




In an open-concept home, do use the same wall colour for the divider separating dining room from living room. This will turn both rooms into one large space, so your home looks bigger.



You can use floor mats instead to denote the different functions of each room. Pick a different mat, playing with colours and textures, to create a separation between areas for relaxation and for dining.

A once-bare unit is now a beautiful, relaxing and cozy place to live in!

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