From Dull Interiors to Demure Desert Rose

Despite the often harsh and unforgiving climate of the desert, the landscape and all the natural beauty that it holds – from its smooth sandy slopes made more sublime by the sun’s kiss, to its scarce but celebrated greenery and oases – it is breathtaking and a superb visual experience. If you’re a fan of this imagery and the rich colours that come with it, this would be your chance to transform your otherwise plain interiors into a serene utopian desert!



Now, before you get worried about the chances of your living space looking barren and lifeless, we can assure that with the right choice of colours and furnishings, you will achieve a balance of tones and contrasts that create a relaxing and alluring indoor environment that you and your guests will fall in love with.



First things first – let’s talk about colours! We at Jotun forecast this particular colour theme to be one of the top trends for 2018, which you can easily attain with our Rhythm of Life colour card. Plus, if you’re a feminine soul or someone who naturally gravitates towards traditionally feminine colours, then you would definitely want to consider this as a home theme option.



Think of tonal colours like muted peaches and sandy and reddish browns feeding warmth into your old or blank white-washed walls. A perfect example of this is Blushing Peach 20047– this shade comes highly recommended by our trusted Oslo-based interior designer Jannicke Kråkvik, and is one of her favourites for the coming year. It’s a fresh golden rose tone that’s perfect for your living room, kitchen or any space with ample natural lighting which can enhance its colour to emulate the glow of a pink sunset.

Working your way through the rows of our Rhythm of Life colour card, you can find other desert-like colours in various hues like the slightly darker version of Blushing Peach 20047,Savanna Sunset 20046, or a light warm beige tone with slight red undertones like Almond Beige 10966, all of which work harmoniously together.



You have the option of keeping existing furniture but there’s never any harm in adding to your new look! You can enhance your desert-inspired interiors by incorporating brown furniture or wooden elements and accessories such as a coffee table or rustic animal-shaped ornaments – we recommend horses or camels. On top of that, you can add Mediterranean or Bedouin-style rugs or wall hangings to further amplify that relaxed desert vibe.



Can you imagine how relaxed you would feel surrounded by these beautiful interiors? You might even be inspired to write a best-selling novel.

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