20144 Grounded Red creates a snug, protective ambience.



With the world around us increasingly going digital, the boundaries between work and leisure are blurred. Swept up in a busy everyday routine, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and lose track of what’s important. Sometimes, we need a friendly reminder of where we come from in order to feel grounded.


20144 Grounded Red restores our connection to the earth and the things that really matter, allowing us to find strength and stability at home. The colour is bold and honest, transforming any room into a warm and safe cocoon – an excellent colour choice for creating a cosy ambience.


20144 Grounded Red is a bold and honest colour! It’s absolutely gorgeous in the exclusive matt finish of Majestic True Beauty Matt.




This golden red tone has a “burnt” look, which can also be described as reddish-brown. It’s earthy, warm and pleasant ­– evoking a natural, cosy feel.

In comparison to 20120 Organic Red and 2859 Whispering Red, 20144 Grounded Red is far more golden. It can be described as a slightly more muted version of 20118 Amber Red.




20144 Grounded Red can be combined with a large variety of soft neutrals, such as 10678 Space, 12075 Soothing Beige, 12076 Modern Beige, 1622 Edelweiss, 1024 Timeless, 10679 Washed Linen, 10429 Discrete, 12077 Sheer Grey, 12078 Comfort Grey, 0394 Soft Grey, 1032 Iron Grey and 1352 Tender Grey. Colours that are a deep contrast with it, such as 1434 Elegant, are also recommended.




Green, a complementary colour of red, can be used to create an exciting colour scheme. 8546 Local Green or other golden greens, such as 8469 Green Leaf or 8494 Organic Green, are cool combinations.


The boards in the front are painted with 20143 Lively Red and 8546 Local Green, both of which are excellent combinations with the wall colour 20144 Grounded Red.



20143 Lively Red is similar in colour and tone, so it’s perfect as a tone-on-tone colour combination with 20144 Grounded Red.



Pink is another exciting combination with 20144 Grounded Red. Check out 2024 Senses and 10580 Soft Skin.


Combinations with its adjacent colour, yellow, can also be exciting! Check out 11174 Curious Mind and 10683 Cashmere.


20144 Grounded Red and 11174 Curious Mind are two colours that look good together.



The white tones that go great with 20144 Grounded Red include 9918 Morning Fog, 1624 Skylight, 1001 Egg White, 1453 Vanilla and 1622 Edelweiss.







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