How to use IDENTITY colour card

We’ve designed this colour card so you can quickly and easily create your personal colour palette. It consists of accent colours, neutral shades in golden-beige tones and soft soothing shades of grey, as well as four colour families. Read on to find out how you can combine the colours your way!




The accent colours are designed for easy self-expression! Use the lovely 12074 Peachy on its own, or with the golden-beige 1024 Timeless, 12075 Soothing Beige and 12076 Modern Beige.


12074 Peachy


Combine accent colours with neutral hues, or with colours from other colour families.

3377 Slate Lavender – a muted purple tone

12074 Peachy – a muted grayish-peach colour

20118 Amber Red – a burnt, golden-red tone

7613 Northern Mystic – a dark golden-green tone


Wall: 20118 Amber Red



The rows of neutral shades consist of golden-beige tones and soft soothing shades of grey. Combining the four colours in each row gives a delicate tone-in-tone finish.


Wall: 1622 Reflection

Wall on the stairs: 12078 Comfort Grey


Tip! Soft, soothing grey neutrals are well suited to all the colour families’ colours in rows 4, 6 and 7.

Golden-beige neutrals pair well with all the darkest colour families’ colours in the IDENTITY colour card. With this card, exploring and using neutrals becomes intuitive.


Wall: Majestic True Beauty Matt 12076 Modern Beige.

Skirting and Window: Gardex Premium Semi-gloss 1024 Timeless.



Các nhóm màu
Các màu sắc trong bốn hàng sẽ đại diện cho các sắc thái khác nhau trong cùng một nhóm màu.


Wall: Majestic True Beauty Matt 20120 Organic Red.

Table: Gardex Premium Semi-Gloss 2024 Senses.
“Combining colour shades from one row creates a delicate, monochrome colour experience”


Wall: Majestic True Beauty Matt 7629 Antique Green and 7613 Northern Mystic (the darker shade).

Door: Gardex Premium Semi-Gloss.


By using colours from the same column in different rooms, the home gets a beautifully tuned and harmonious aesthetic.

Creativity is personal. Break with the obvious and choose colours that tell your story.

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