JOTUN 12083 Devine


In a fast-moving world full of distractions, home is one of the few places we can authentically express who we are. Home should be an anchor and a comfort – the place where we can relax into our true selves and tell our own stories. Home is an expression of identity.


These observations are the founding ideas behind the Jotun Colour Collection 2019. Compiled over a year by the Jotun colour specialists in Sandefjord, Norway, and incorporating the insights of a global network of colour-trend researchers, this year’s card – titled Identity – explores the colours that characterise and reflect modern urban lifestyles around the world.


‘Home is the living story of who we are, told in the objects and colours we fill it with.’ – Lisbeth Larsen, Global Colour Manager at Jotun.


Lisbeth Larsen, Global Colour Manager at Jotun



The new colour card presents 28 contemporary colours that reflect trends in modern urban lifestyles. It contains three themes: three stories about personalities and mindsets, spoken with colours. To really bring out these beautiful colours, all walls in the card – also featured in this post – are painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt.


See the digital edition of Jotun Colour Collection 2019 here and create your own colour palette.



Wall: JOTUN 12078 Comfort Gray


The CALM identity values meaning rather than quantity. Think: the simple beauty of Nordic minimalism and a Zen-inspired atmosphere. This is reflected in the way the palette contrasts soft, neutral shades and warmth. Read more about the CALM theme here.



Wall: JOTUN 7629 Antique Green


The REFINED home has a curated expression where vintage treasures, rare design objects and art testify to an exquisite sense of aesthetics. The palette’s yellow and green shades, paired with harmonious accent colours, allow these details to shine through – emphasizing the distinctiveness of the interior. Read more about the Refined theme here.



Wall: JOTUN 20120 Organic Red


The RAW identity is terrestrial and appreciates all that’s honest and true. This home reflects craftsmanship, a sense of nature and creative reuse. The palette’s warm earth colours and neutral gray shades underpin this rustic style. Read more about the RAW theme here.



The colour card gives people the freedom and flexibility to reflect themselves as they are. It includes Jotun’s practical colour-matching tool, allowing users to easily identify complementary shades within a single colour family, or create harmonious colour variations in the same space.

Create your own colour palette now (





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