To illustrate how different colour combinations can convey different identities, we have identified three distinct themes with global references. Each theme expresses individual mindset and lifestyles – three stories about personalities, spoken with colours: CALM, REFINED and RAW.



In the CALM theme, we focus on the beautiful and simple that sheds down, creating timeless rooms with a calm atmosphere. The colour palette consists of soft, neutral shades and warmth, subtle contrasts.


Wall: 12083 Devine and 1024 Timeless .



The CALM home is characterized by calm and harmony, emphasizing zones for comfort and rest. The decor is testimony to quality, craftsmanship and personality. To get the calm, subtle colour expression you should paint with Majestic True Beauty Matt colour, our most beautiful rich matt wall paint.


Wall: 12078 Comfort Grey


The style is characterized by few things of good quality, everything has its place and its function. The things that are valuable to us get a prominent place.


Wall: 12076 Modern Beige



The CALM palette is a natural starting point for those who want light and airy surroundings. Neat shades in perfect balance provide a relaxing atmosphere.



Combining neutrals from one row to the colour chart creates a delicate, monochrome colour experience. In this living room we have paint with Majestic True Beauty Matt and combined two yellow, grey neutrals; 1622 Edelweiss and 12078 Comfort Grey (wall in staircase).



Our rich matt colours provide a pristine finish and smoothness that enriches walls and endures year after year. The unique colour reproduction highlights a sophisticated and sensual expression.


Wall: 10290 Soft Touch


In the CALM palette you will also find beautiful shades of peach and muffled pink. These can be used alone, together, or in combination with the neutral ones.



10290 Soft Touch and 12083 Devine are soft shades of peach with golden undertones.



10290 Soft Touch is our brightest fresh tone – soft and gray. Along with colors like 12083 Devine and 12084 Dusky Peach, it creates a delicious peach-coloured harmony.


12083 Devine is chopped darker – still golden, soft and comfortable. The colour is fine to light tones and harmonizes well with 1024 Timeless and 12078 Comfort Grey.



The bright coloured rosatones 20119 Transparent Pink and 12086 Rustic Pink have a golden and gray underside.



20119 Transparent Pink stands out for the pink shades 12086 Rustic Pink, 2024 Senses and 20120 Organic Red. If you want to stick to the bright and light CALM colours, we recommend 1024 Timeless, 1622 Edelweiss and 0394 Soft Grey.



Beautiful, matte walls in combination of freshly painted details give a holistic interior. This table is painted with Gardex Semi-Gloss in the colour 12086 Rustic Pink.



12086 Rustic Pink is beautiful along with light gray neutrals. The grayish undertones make this colour harmoniously beautiful with 1622 Edelweiss.



Character and depth occur when painting with Majestic Design Pearl paint in a neutral shade. A well-considered combination of subtle contrasts gives the home a warm, natural texture.


Wall Design: Shimmering Cloud. Base Colour: 10679 Washed Linen glazed over with Majestic Design Pearl 9958 Bianco



The harmony of colours in the CALM palette brings clarity and tranquility. In combination with the new and contemporary accent 12074 Peachy, an exciting expression is created.


The wall here is painted with 12074 Peachy .


With 12074 Peachy you can create an impressive look by painting all the walls in your room. You can also use it with neutral beige tones.



12074 Peachy also suits neutral greys.




Now you can create your personal colour palette. Choose a main colour, get match colour matching, and create a contemporary colour palette that expresses your identity.


Create your personal colour palette.



The colour palette consists of soft, neutral shades and warmth, subtle contrasts. Here are the most central colours in this palette.


Here are the highlights of the palette. Don’t forget to check out our digital colour card ( to see all the colors!

Photo: Line Small Studio, Styling: Kråkvik & D’Orazio

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