The home represents a safe haven away from the stresses of work life where one can relax and unwind in the calmness of one’s own domestic sanctuary. This is the ideal living experience that most of us crave for – to have our home as a garden of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, as one of the few essentials that we need to combat such fast-paced activity are moments of peace and quiet in between. Our philosophy at Jotun is very much in line with this belief and our Rhythm of Life colour chart, specifically the Lush Garden palette, is designed to create the foundation of a relaxing home environment.

Lush Garden’s essence lies in the outlook that in every culture, green is the colour of renewal and the beginning of new life, and the shades of green as well as other complementary colours within the palette are, as a whole, an artistic response to the yearning for nature amidst the stark contrast of urban living. With the inception and formulation of Lush Garden, the focus lies in the playful side of style and colour selection, drawing inspiration from elements found in the sunnier parts of the world – tropical rainforests with blue-green hues, exotic plants and flowers energised by touches of yellow and the soft pink of sunrise. Such natural colours work perfectly when balanced out it with the elegance of Scandinavian appeal and modern interior and furnishings, as seen in this living room space featuring Evening Green 6352.



Working alongside Cheng and his team at Nostaloft once again for our third creative collaboration, we had the opportunity of bringing to life a popular colour within the Lush Garden palette – Tender Green 6351, which pairs seamlessly with Nostaloft’s wooden dining and lounge furniture, forming a harmonious and overall simplistic look and feel to the space. You may also want to consider incorporating accessories that help amplify the setting such as potted plants and ceramic items. So, if you are looking to transform your abode into your own version of an indoor Lush Garden, visit your nearest authorised Jotun dealers or click here for the full range of colours from this greenery-inspired palette.


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