Have you ever enjoyed the feeling of being in the outdoors during the evening, gazing up at the night sky and admiring all the wonder it holds while basking in the shimmer and shine of the stars? And do you remember ever wishing upon one of those stars just like in the fairytales of your childhood? Such calmness and beauty can only be rarely experienced these days, especially for us city-dwellers who wish we could still have stars to gaze at among the bright artificial city lights. But who says that we can’t recreate that same feeling we long for right at home?



At Jotun, we believe that paint can be the foundation of any type of room setting you desire to achieve – and if you are looking to transform your interiors with a bit of sparkling whimsy, then we have got just the right colours for you. Picking up from where we left off previously with the introduction of our textured wall paints, namely No. 57, we’re gliding into another series of breathtaking colours with a modern spin, a veritable palette of effects to decorate your home with – the Diamond range from our Majestic Design Premium Interior Paint.

Inspired by glittering stars of mythical fairytale twilights with an echo of the glamorous brilliance found in diamonds, Majestic Design Diamond beckons you to dream your perfect modern-day fantasy home into reality. This particular colour that we’ve highlighted is aptly named Starry Night, which is a combination of the base colour Chini 5180, layered with Majestic Design Diamond and finished off with First Dance 5415, producing an elegant and subtly sparkling finish that will get your guests daydreaming along with you.

“Starry Night is best complemented with metallic and silver embellishments that help the colour’s glittery finish pop out even more, as well as off-white or neutral furniture if you would like to mimic the look of moonlight”, said [Nostaloft]’s Cheng who carefully curated the furniture and layout for part 2 of this special Jotun and Nostaloft collaboration. He added that if one prefers a little more variety in one’s colour scheme, “choose some green, yellow, blue or violet accessories to emulate the beauty of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis”.


If you would like to have the same sparkly finish over a variety of other colours, Majestic Design Diamond has a number of them to choose from, ranging from subtle to dramatic hues – all with light-reflecting particles added to a matte, textured base, giving every room a magical radiance no matter where the light hits. Stay tuned for the next chapter in our room makeover series!

Discover more about our Majestic Design Diamond range and its DIY-friendly application for your convenience here:

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View the full range of colours from Jotun Majestic Design Diamond:


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