5489 Free Spirit is an optimistic and harmonious colour! Here, it’s stunning in combination with 11175 Adventure, a lighter shade around the window. The room is painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt.



Full of personality, 5489 Free Spirit is refreshing and energizing! It’s an ideal shade for those seeking to be re-energized by their surroundings – a place where you can recharge your batteries in anticipation of exciting adventures.


5489 Free Spirit strikes a perfect balance between green and blue. It’s refreshing and vivid; cool yet cosy. This makes it delightfully uplifting, while at the same time creating a harmonious ambience with a nod to the open horizon.


The shelves are painted with Majestic Supreme Finish, and the wall with the new Majestic True Beauty Matt – both in the colour 5489 Free Spirit.


Majestic True Beauty Matt’s True Colour Experience gives the room a very special atmosphere, where every shade comes into its own. The effect is a beautiful, soft matt finish that looks exclusive. Improvements to stain resistance ensure the walls are even easier to keep clean, so your home always looks fresh and new.




This colour has a bright blue tone, with a large proportion of green in its undertone. It’s fresher and less greyish in comparison to the familiar 6352 Evening Green.



5489 Free Spirit looks fabulous in combination with a wide range of neutrals! Consider, for example, golden greys such as 1024 Timeless, 1391 Bare, 1973 Objective, 1032 Iron Grey, 1877 Pebblestone, 1462 Evening Sky and 1434 Elegant. They all go well with 5489 Free Spirit.

The warmer 0394 Soft Grey and 1352 Tender Grey also work very well in creating a look. If you prefer beige tones, 12075 Soothing Beige and 12076 Modern Beige are great choices.




5489 Free Spirit is gorgeous next to other blue-green colours like 7637 Exhale, 6350 Soft Teal and 5454 Dark Teal, in addition to looking really cool with the deeper blue of 5180 Chini.



A complementary colour scheme where 5489 Free Spirit is contrasted with 10001 Dijon Yellow is an example of how you can achieve exciting new colour combinations.


The walls are painted with Majestic True Beauty Matt 10001 Dijon Yellow, while the window is Majestic Supreme Finish Matt 5489 Free Spirit.

To achieve a calmer version of the same yellow and blue colour scheme, have a look at the more muted yellow tone 11174 Curious Mind.


If you wish to incorporate adjacent colours into your colour scheme, you may consider red shades, such as 11175 Adventure. This lovely reddish tone will create fresh contrasts when combined with 5489 Free Spirit.




5489 Free Spirit goes well with 7236 Chi, 9918 Morning Fog, 1624 Skylight, 1001 Egg White, 1453 Vanilla and 1622 Edelweiss.


Recharge at home – and you’re ready for exciting new adventures!






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