Trend-Setting With City Motions

Like music, rhythm is at the centre of every movement, which alters in accordance to varying intervals – such as life with its different impulses that result in various rhythms.


When it comes to our physical surroundings, colours can help achieve the kind of environment that suits your way of living and your rhythm of life. This time around, we at Jotun are diving deep into Rhythm of Life’s City Motions colour palette to explore its rich blues and blue toned colours as well as the harmonious contrasting shades and embellishments that work best with them.

Our team set out to perform a room makeover at the chic quarters of Nostaloft ( Studio in Menara Oval, Damansara.


Jotun Colour Manager, Kimmy Lim, artfully describes City Motions as a theme that captures the urban escapades of famous global cities like Brooklyn, Copenhagen and Berlin – though seemingly fast-paced, they all hold a unique, latently slow-moving yet efficient way of life presented through the simplest of everyday objects and movements – from carefully handcrafted items to artisanally-brewed coffee.

Kimmy’s forecast for trending colour schemes include hues of blue, such as Industrial Blue 5455, intermingling with rich complementary brown shades as illustrated in the images you see here. The colour combination gives a certain vintage elegance and yet is timeless especially in the world of fashion, and in choosing to pair our deep blue paint colour with neutral coloured furniture, it creates a balanced contrast of cool and warm tones.

Adding minimalistic accessories ties the whole look together to form quintessential Scandinavian simplicity.



This style is very much in line with Nostaloft and its head interior designer, Cheng, whose creative and professional experience spans over seven years, including his stint in the architectural field as well as his current passion for furniture design. He has chosen to decorate the space with sleek Babakagu furniture. If minimalist and contemporary European décor is up your alley, this style is something you can consider for your next home design project.



And if you’re interested in creating a softer touch to your walls, we recommend No. 57 – beautifully textured, it is a combination of four colours (featuring our new Industrial Blue 5455 as the base, glazed over with Jotun White 0001, Majestic Design Pearl’s Bianco 9958 and Antique Gold 10491 from the Prestige range) carefully layered using vertical and horizontal lines to mimic the effect of fine linen.

Cheng was quick to compliment the new and improved spaces, admiring the dynamic yet calming appeal the wall colours provide – especially the featured textured wall. “I really think it helps make the (Babakagu) furniture pop!”, he added.

This wraps up our City Motions-themed makeover and what will  hopefully be one of many collaborations with the team at Nostaloft. We hope you too can be inspired to switch up your life’s rhythm, and stay tuned for more Jotun room makeover adventures!


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