Decorating a room with two tone walls adds dimension to your space, and it allows you to include both of your favourite colours without having to compromise. One of the newest trends of the season, two-toned walls involves experimenting with different paint finishes and contrasting colours to create wall surfaces with a magical touch of variety and movement.

Here are some simple tips for decorating your home with two tone walls:

Tip 1: Keep the upper layer light.
Make your ceiling appear taller by choosing lighter paint to paint the top half. Painted using Majestic True Beauty Matt, the example below uses a lighter shade of 1624 Skylight above and a darker colour of 2782 Deco Pink below.



Tip 2: Work subtle shades of the same colour.
If you’re just starting out, and feel intimidated by choosing colours that are vastly different. Try picking monochromatic colours to create a coherent look.



Tip 3: Define Spaces with Colours.
Paint colours can create contrast and generate interest and is a great way to define functional areas.

The area above uses 2995 Dusty Red to define a dining area, creating additional contrast and appeal to the kitchen.
In fact, the best part of defining spaces like these using paint, is that you can easily alter the colour to reflect any changes in seasons, new trends and even your mood!

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